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Translation Services

Brochures, maps, labels, wall text, audio guides, catalogues…
you name it, I’ll deliver it to you in Spanish.

Yes, I’m your museum’s voice in español!

Perhaps it’s the highly intricate firing process of 16th-century Chinese porcelain, or maybe it’s a description of the most current artist’s oeuvre. Whatever the subject, I can help you bring it to your Spanish-speaking audience in their own language so that they can enjoy every awe-inspiring bit of information your museum has to offer.

And most importantly, I’ve done it all before!

Having been exclusively devoted to museum translation since 2015, I’ve literally translated and seen it all in the museum world.

Audio descriptive tours for the blind? Done it.

Academic essays for catalogues? Yup!

Subtitling of a highly technical photography course? Yes!

All of that and so much more…

The total works out at:

over 80 American museums, and over 1,000 completed projects!

So, let me put all of this experience at your service and help you achieve your vision.

Whether you just have an idea for now or you’ve already started out but are looking to take a more professional approach to translation, I’ll help you streamline the process so that it never becomes a headache.

My goal is to become a real partner to your museum, helping you truly engage your Spanish-speaking community with texts that not only speak to them in their language, but also reflect your institutional values.


Why is it important that your translations reflect your institutional values?
Why should you be mindful of your tone of voice in Spanish?

Because a bad translation can make or break all your efforts!

Perhaps your museum’s mission is to be inclusive, but your welcome sign reads “Bienvenidos”.

Or maybe you’re dealing with sensitive topics like racism, but your translation service provider keeps using the word “esclavos”.

In today’s climate, we’ve all come to understand the importance of choosing the right words when trying to get a message across.

You don’t want inclusion to be just a claim made in your museum’s mission statement.

But making sure your text doesn’t contradict your claims is no small undertaking, even in English.

So are you sure that your mission and values are also being reflected in every translated text? That every Spanish word has been chosen with this purpose in mind?

Book a call with me and I’ll help you find out!

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