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Language Consultancy

Spanish is a complex language.

Historically spread over several continents, it has evolved differently in every country.
Different words, different expressions, different slang!

When translating though, our texts need to be understood by as many people as possible, so using what we call “español neutro” becomes a must.

Neutral Spanish is an artificial international standard form of the language, which tends to be devoid of localisms and dialectal marks.

It sounds pretty simple, but being able to write in neutral Spanish requires you to be highly aware of your own localisms, of other countries’ dialects, and of the standard that would be acceptable for them all.

In the United States in particular, we also need to take in to account the main nationalities that make up each local Spanish-speaking community so we can tailor our texts to them.

If to this already complex scenario we add things like gender inclusive language, then the plot really thickens! This maze might be difficult to navigate for someone who’s not a professional linguist.

And that’s where I come in – to clarify any doubts and help you make decisions that will serve you not just for the project at hand, but for future ones as well!

Language consultancy is included in all of my translation packages…

but even if you don’t use my translations services you can still benefit from it.

I can help you clear up specific doubts in a single session.

Or we can have a few meetings to establish your museum’s communication style and tone of voice in Spanish, which your team will then apply when translating.

Just book your call with me, and together we can decide what the best course of action would be for you and your museum.

I can even develop a customized general Spanish Style Guide for your museum, or specific style guides on inclusive language use in Spanish or any other aspect of the language you might require help with.

All you need to do is drop me a line and we’ll get to work!

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